Bridal Party Communication

I was in approximately 12 weddings before I finally had my turn. Some experiences were amazing, some not so good. Some organized and some not at all.

If you are planning on getting married in the future (or you are engaged), here are some things that could be really helpful for you to communicate to your bridal party before the big day….

I found all of this stuff essential to communicate to our bridal party before the wedding. comment below if you think I forgot something 😉

I communicated all of this through a group text message. One for the whole bridal party, one for my bridal party specifically and my husband made one for his groomsmen.


Make sure you contact every person that you want to be in the wedding ASAP. Don’t just assume they know they are in the wedding. Give them a phone call, FaceTime them, shoot them a text. For my local friends I asked them out for coffee or drinks and gave them a small gift. Nothing fancy. I FaceTimed the ladies who weren’t local and sent them a package in the mail.


Make sure to send all of your bridal party any relevant dates as soon as you have them. Wedding, rehearsal dinner, engagement party, bridal showers, bachelorette weekend, dress shopping. ANYTHING they need to know about. It’s very helpful for busy people to know well in advance if somethings happening that you are expecting them to be at.


Make sure to send your whole bridal party a detailed timeline of the day. Where and what time they need to be there for the day of the rehearsal and wedding day.


Send everyone a detailed message letting them know what they will be wearing as soon as possible. Colors, exact links to certain things that need to be specific, shoes, jewelry, how you want their hair and makeup. Let them know if you will have a hair and makeup artist that they will have access to and how much it costs

AND Please, for the love of God pick out something people feel good wearing. The worst part of being in weddings (for me) was having to pay exorbitant amounts of money for dresses that looked horrible on me. I know you would never do that to your friends but please be considerate. Think about how your curvy friends, pregnant friends, or smaller friends will feel in the dresses.

Does that stump you? Send your friends a color palette and let them pick the style they feel hot in. The pictures will be better if everyone feels beautiful. This is what I did!


Send them details on where to park, where they can stay the night of the wedding, if they need to bring curling irons and makeup the day of, how they will be transported around (if that’s a part of your day).

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