My Bridal Look

I had never tried on a wedding dress in my entire life. I went the week after we got engaged just to try on some dresses and find out what my general style was. I knew I liked boho and more “form fitting” but apart from that I knew NOTHING about what type of dress I would want.

My mom picked out the dress I ended up buying and it was the first one I tried on. I loved it. I tried on 16 more dresses and decided to buy the original one I tried on. The first dress that I ever tried on was “THE ONE”. It also just so happened to be the cheapest one I tried on that day so that was a plus. $700 and VERY minimal alterations needed. If you are on a right budget try looking at the “destination” wedding dresses. They tend to be cheaper. Just a hack 😉

Hair: by Ups and Do’s in Charlotte NC

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