Be bold. Be brave. Take risks.


Sometimes God asks us to give up things. Moments where we are called to be BLINDLY obedient. It can be so hard….Being obedient even when you don’t know what the outcome will be on the other side of your obedience.

Sometimes God calls you to transfer schools, change jobs, break up with people, or to move. All not knowing if you will receive something else or better in return.

Recently in life, I felt like God asked me to give up something big and I was so hesitant to be obedience because I didn’t know if I would get something better in return. I realized though that even if I didn’t receive something physically better, I received greater measures of faith and that is a reward that is greater than anything you could ever receive.

Following Jesus is worth giving up everything. It’s such a fun adventure and it can lead you to more than you could ever lead yourself to. We can only see our history and where we are right now but God sees’s where we need to go in the future. God sees things in the scheme of eternity, God sees what you need through your whole life, not just right now.

When you are called to high levels of leadership like I believe each of us is, sometimes you are asked to give up things that other people can just settle for. It’s going to seem unfair. BUT don’t ever settle, go after the more that God has for you. Obedience is better than Sacrifice

Every sacrifice that God calls you to make is worth giving if it leads you closer to your calling and the more of Jesus that he want’s to lead you to.

Sometimes it’s scary, but we aren’t called to make decisions based out of fear, or to hold onto things because we are scared. We are called to have faith and believe.

I’m just preaching to myself over here.

Be bold, be brave, take risks. xoxo.

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