Why you should be okay with where you are at in life.


A few months ago I had this revelation. This moment of realization that there is no coincidence that I am where I am right now for a reason. The purpose of this post is to share with you some cool facts that will most likely give you some hope that you are not where you are in life by random happenstance. I truly believe that wherever you are right now, you were placed there because you can bring something to it that no one else on God’s green earth can. Embrace who you are and where you are right now because you being fully present there is HUGE and super impactful. You were made and placed with such a specific intent and purpose in mind.

Out of all of time and space, you were placed here for a very specific reason….


  • The world has arguably been around for a minimum of 10,000 years (not trying to start an evaluation debate! ha!)
  • So that means the world has had a minimum of 3 million, 650 thousand, days in the world if we’ve been around for a minimum of that time.
  • Out of all of time and space, you were placed here, today in 2017.


  • 7 billion people living today, 107 billion, 602 million, 707 thousand, 791 hundred (according to a 2011 census) so many more than that today. Humans to possibly ever live the earth, not including undocumented people (Population Reference Bureau)
  • And you were made exactly the way you were made, no one has ever or will ever be made exactly like you.


  • 57 million miles of earth on the land
  • Thousands of cities countries
  • And out of all of those places, you live where you live right now.


There are no coincidences that you are here today and right now for a purpose.


Out of all the times, years, countries, cities, neighborhoods, jobs, churches, people, he’s placed you in this exact time and place that you are.

  • God’s placed you in your sphere of influence for a reason…I believe that reason is that you can share something with them like no one else can.
  • Let this lead you to confidence. Let this lead you to assurance that you can do what you’ve been called to in your place.
  • You’ve been called here, you are equipped. In the kingdom of God, there are no coincidences.
  • He’s given you the grace to be where you are now until he leads you on to something else.

The question is…what are you going to do with the great privilege and opportunities that the Lord has specifically placed in your life??

What are you going to do with your time and the place you are at in life right now? Don’t have any ragrets….not even one….you get it? I spelled it wrong on purpose.


Be present, be impactful where you are. Go at everything with 150%. That is all. xoxo.


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