The art of not giving a flying flip.

The best advice I’ve ever been given is easily something that my dad told me in my vulnerable, insecure teen years. I remember going to my dad and telling him about a certain situation that I was in, one that made me scared that people would judge me for a great risk I was about to take.

I said, “But Dad, what will people think?!” He looked at me and told me with great confidence, “Ellie, why would you ever base anything you do on someone’s 2-second opinion of your life? People will only think about you for a max of 2 minutes and then they will go back to thinking about themselves. When was the last time you thought about someone for over 2 minutes? And if you ever have it’s probably because you really loved that person and it was out of a place of caring and concern. And at the end of the day even if they did make a poor decision you would still love them.”

For some reason, this advice totally blew my mind. My dad was so right in saying that the vast majority of people only think about other’s for a maximum of 2 minutes then they go right back to thinking about themselves. What harm can someone’s 2-second thought about you have on you? They can think something offensive about your life decisions but very rarely will they even verbalize it. Unless they love you, then they will think about you for longer and their opinion should have a voice in your life. Everyone else’s opinions don’t really matter.

Over the years this has helped me to not give a flying flip what other people think. This has given me the space to make bold moves and to do whatever I think is best for myself. Don’t get me wrong, I still have those moments of paralyzing insecurity that cause me to make mistakes based on others opinions. But for the most part, this advice has given me the ability to do my own thing and not care what people think.


I hope that this advice inspires you to blaze your own trail and to not really care what people think about you, apart from the ones who really care and are invested in your future. Do your thang! xoxo


(I know you are reading this Dad. You might not even remember saying these things but thanks for the wise advice! haha!)

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