Why you have to go & make things so complicated

It’s really easy to make my relationship with the Lord super complicated. It makes me feel good to have recipes and keys to creating a successful walk with the Lord. In todays technology filled world there are a million podcasts, videos, articles, etc., that give you knowledge about the Lord and recipes to know him at the touch of a button. It gets easy to become completely overwhelmed and unchanged by these things and to totally miss the heart of the Father while you are trying to “find him”.


Recently, I came to a place in my life where I was so tired that I literally didn’t have the brain capacity for any of these things. I striped it all down to the Gospel. I couldn’t think about anything more complicated then the fact that Jesus loves me and he is always a part of me. I told myself that if I don’t have the mental capacity for grandiose revelations that I will fix my thoughts on the Lord and the simple Gospel. When things would get too complicated and I’d start to panic, I would take it back to the sunday school basics. The funny thing is that this simple revelation was the most mind blowing, grand revelation of them all.


If things get too complex and you are feeling overwhelmed, just return to the core of it all, Christ. When you are burdened, tired and heavy, he will give you rest when you fix your eyes on him and sit in his precense. He is literally one thought away. When you accepted him into your life he became a very part of your DNA. He is always as close to you as he will every be and he is never going anywhere. Just think about him.

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