The truth about waiting & dating 

It’s easy for dating to quickly feel like a joke. The dating world can easily go from feeling like a hopeful endless ocean of possibilities to feeling like a small pond (or kiddie pool) with only a few guppies, in only a matter of moments. 

One second I feel great about being single and the next I feel like I’m Katniss from the Hunger Games racing away from that weird, giant, sick clock. It all changes in a matter of moments depending on my mood. Maybe I’m the only one whose bipolar about this subject but I have the feeling I am not.

Yesterday I was talking to God about how I feel like it might be impossible for him to bring me the type of person that I would actually really like to be with. There’s no options in sight and the possibility seems pretty hopeless, but he kindly spoke to me and reminded me that he created Eve for Adam out of dust. If any situation should have appeared hopeless to anyone it should have been for Adam. If you’ve ever thought the dating scene was bad in your city, picture Adams situation. There wasn’t another soul on the planet. And when the timing was just right, God brought Adam a companion. 

I think the area of relationships is by far the hardest area to trust God in. Every other area of your life you can control to some extent. At the end of the day you can find a job, you can create a calling, you can make situations work. They might not be Gods best or the right fit but you can make something happen. But not with relationships. You can’t make someone date you, fall in love with or marry you. I think that’s why this area scares the crap out of most of us, because it’s so far outside of our control. 
I also think that’s why God designed it this way, so we would have to trust him and that he would get the ultimate glory for something that he loves so much, relationships. 

With that scary thought being stated, it actually gives us a lot of hope. When God is in control, it means that there are endless possibilities and so much hope for God to come in and work his awesome, unlimited powers. 

I am pretty sure that if God cares about where we work, live, eat, who are friends are, how much more does he care about who we are going to spend the rest of our lives with? The person you end up with has the power to directly impact the will that God has for your life. That being said, I know God has to care about this. I feel pretty confident that even if you feel hopeless, lost and dejected in this area, God hasn’t forgotten about you and he very personally knows what matters to you. 

On the flip side, I don’t think that marriage is for everyone. The being stated, I firmly believe that God doesn’t put good desires (like marriage & family) in your heart for no random reason or just to tease you. If you have that desire, I’m pretty sure it’s there for some reason. 

The other day my cousin told me the story about how him and his wife met. They both stepped onto an elevator at the same time and a few floors later he was sure that he’d just met his wife. So literally, it can happen ANYWHERE at ANYTIME for you. 

I am about to end this with the most cliche dating advice that I’ve ever heard and that I ABSOLUTELY HATE hearing (probably because it’s true). “Don’t worry, it’s gonna happen when it’s supposed to.” I feel confident not only in this, but that it’s going to be even more amazing and worth the wait than you thought it would be when it does. 

  1. I used to feel exactly the same! Especially as so many of my friends are settling down,b buying houses, getting married ( and we’re only 25!). I have just come out of a nasty breakup and was using the gym as a way to take my mind off the whole thing. I was a sweaty, teary ugly mess and yet somehow that is where I met my current boyfriend – and I hadn’t been looking at all – so I totally believe it when you say it will happen when it’s supposed to!
    Plus its better to wait and meet the right person then be unhappy in the wrong relationship! 🙂

    1. I’m really glad someone can relate 😅😜Oh wow that’s so amazing how you guys met!!! I love it so so much!!! I’m really happy for you! How long have you guys been dating?

    2. I definitely can! My dad used to say to me that it’s better to be single when you’re young and find the right person that you will be with for life, then rush into something with the wrong person and be single in 10/20 years time.
      Aw thank you very much 🙂 We have been together for 5 months now!

    3. Man that is SOOOO TRUE! Your dad is a wise man. I would rather be single and lonely then married or in a relationship and lonely. That’s super exciting!!! I pray that things workout for you guys exactly the way that they are supposed to 🙂

    4. Exactly! If you’re unhappy in a relationship you are several steps away from finding a happy relationship than if you are unhappy/lonely and single where you are only one step away from finding a happy relationship!
      Thank you very much, I appreciate that 🙂

    5. Girl that is so so true! I know that if I’m not happy and fulfilled while I’m single, is FORSURE not gonna happen in a relationship. I’m so glad I’ve had these years in my life to really fix my eyes on Jesus and be steadfast in my relationship with him and truly know who he is. While relationships can make you happy for a time Jesus is the only thing that can bring true, lasting satisfaction!

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