What’s Up Weekly (If only I were skinnier)

I am uniquely me, you are uniquely you. There is no one else like you in size, hair, style, laugh, voice, personality. One of your greatest asset’s as a human being is your uniqueness, so of course the devil would attack that. He comes against it with lies and deceptions. He tries to make you think that the beautifully specific things God placed in you are actually hindrances that need to be changed.

You might not realize it but we have all been here, all been in the place where we listen to lies and who we were uniquely made to be goes under attack and question.

If you’ve ever thought a thought that begins with “If I was only like this (Fill in the blank)…I would be happy.” You were listening to a lie.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve had a slew of these thoughts and struggled with thoughts like, “If I was skinnier I’d be prettier.” This is a common one girls struggle with, guys I’m sure yours are more along the lines of, “If I was stronger I’d be more handsome.” Or something like that.

Don’t pretend like you haven’t thought something along the lines of the following, “If my nose was smaller, if I was skinnier, if my eyes were a cool color, or my personality was different, I would have a boyfriend or girlfriend, more friends, better opportunities, people would like me more and I would be happy with myself.

I asked God recently to speak identity over me and remind me of who I really am and I heard him say, “If I wanted you to have what you are asking for, or what you think will make you “happy” right now, you would have it. It has nothing to do with what you think it does. It’s not about the things you think that are imperfections, it’s about my timing.”

This blew my mind. What we would consider “obstacles” or “limitations” in our life don’t scare God. If your nose is “big” or your personality isn’t outgoing, it’s not going to keep you from marrying someone epic or getting your dream job. God will give you those things when it’s the right time, not when you get a new nose or come out of your shell.

He’s so far beyond these things. He see’s things from a much higher perspective so things like this don’t scare him and aren’t even an issue for him. In fact, he probably loves them.

The things that we don’t like about ourselves because they don’t meet the current standards of media based beauty are what he actually created in us to make us unique and to stand apart. I’m sure it makes him so sad to see what the things he placed in us on purpose are things that we hate.

Thinking that these things are keeping us from what we want is a lie.  Don’t listen to that. Instead, embrace these things, love them…ROCK THEM! Don’t look at them as a hindrance.


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