What’s Up Weekly (The best relationship advice)

IMG_2458 IMG_2174I shared this on my Instagram the other day. It was so good though that I decided to share it on my blog as well. I hope that you get something from this story!!

The other day I met the most amazing lady. She has an incurable disease and has had a devastatingly hard life. I asked her what life advice she could give me or what she would go back and tell 26 year old version of herself.

She answered by saying, “Trust God completely and never give up. It’s easy to let life get away from you and to give up. But never give up.”

She was married for 35 years and offered this relationship advice that was so simple yet profound, “It’s important to marry someone who loves you your heart. And although this seems small, marry someone who looks you in the eyes and actually listens to what you have to say. Often times this shows how much they love and respect you and what you have to say. If someone wants to hear what you have to say and respects you enough to listen to you, they truly love you.”

That being said, it didn’t strike me until yesterday that both of these pieces of advice go hand in hand. If someone loves you for your heart, they will LISTEN to you because that’s the only way they can truly hear your heart and what you have going on internally. If someone never listens to you, how can they truly know who you are internally? They can’t.

That’s free single people 😜 happy Wednesday y’all! ✌💗✨

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