What’s Up Weekly (Home & Routine)

I finished school May 12th. I flew home from California to Charlotte on June 16th and surprised my family. I was homesick and ready to be home. Going to ministry school this year was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, but I am so happy to be home. This year was filled with learning, adventure and exploration. It was amazing in so many ways and taught me so many valuable lessons.

One of the things that I learned to value and love more then ever before is the importance of HOME and ROUTINE.

I love how our generation has such a love and desire for wanderlust. It’s a beautiful thing to want to travel and experience this incredible world that we live in. I personally want to travel to every place I possibly can.

But in my desire for things like new adventures, traveling and such, I never want to forget or belittle the beauty and desire of being home and having a routine. In some seasons our bodies needs that and in some, it requires it.

There’s no shame in having a steady life. No one ever said that you can’t live radically through consistency. In your routine you could be building something deep, meaningful and long lasting.

For most of us home is where the heart and people that we love are while we are off wandering the world. Home is where you come back to when you need to rest and recuperate. Don’t ever take that for granted.

While you are scrolling through Instagram, don’t let some of the posts fool you, while traveling is great, it doesn’t fill you with long lasting joy. Learning to be joyful if you are traveling or sitting in a cubicle is invaluable. Your “normal” life is probably equally as beautiful in a totally different, unique way.

I just wanted to encourage those of you who aren’t off traveling the world today and say that what you are doing is world changing and awesome too!!!

This year has given me a whole new appreciation for the word home. I hope you find the beauty in this word like I have. Who says life can’t be a radical adventure in the midst of “normal” life? If nothing else it will be an adventure finding the adventure in the mundane.


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