What’s Up Weekly (Making Decisions)

For the past few years I feel as if I’ve had this constant pressure, like a dark cloud looming over me telling me to decide what’s next. For a while I had the fear of making the wrong decisions or the fear of missing out (FOMO as I like to call it) which definetly didn’t make deciding what to do next any easier. If I’m perfectly honest I was pretty terrified about missing the will of God for my life.  I think most young adults can relate to this feeling. 

Since I got to school in September it’s been so nice because I haven’t been thinking about what’s next, I’ve been fully focused on the present moments. The school year is coming to an end and over the past few day’s the feeling has slowly come back. The big question of “What’s next” has been hanging over my head.

We all have to make decisions. Some  are good decision makers, some are indecisive. It’s a weird feeling when you are scared to make the wrong decision and that fear also keeps you from making the right one’s. Either way, making decisions is a huge part of our lives and we shouldn’t be scared of them. 

Recently I have come to the realization that I might not know where my life is going next or if I’m making the right decision’s or not, but I always know what my hope and foundation are in. I know where my peace and future come from. I will never find my hope or peace in the future or the next thing, but in HIM right here and now.

I can rest assured in the fact that God always has a plan and as long as my heart is focused on him, I don’t have to worry about making a wrong decision or missing out on the plan God has for my life.

I can be confident in going with what my heart wants because if I am focused on him, he has most likely placed those desire’s in my heart for a reason. While this is still something that I am struggling through, I’m so thankful that the Holy Spirit has revealed this truth to me. It eases my mind and I hope that it will ease your’s as well.

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