This week I went on a missions trip to LA. All three thousand of my school class mates went to be a part of this one day revival called Azusa. It happened on the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival that happened in LA. Leading up to the event ever different group in all three years of our school split up and worked in different parts of the city helping and serving in communities. My team went to Compton/Watts.

This is Compton.


To say that it was an amazing experience would be an understatement. across the city we saw so many people get healed, saved and set free. I literally saw people get out of their wheelchairs and walk for the first time in decades. I prayed for a gang member and his bullet holes were healed and the pain was completely gone. I prayed the prayer of salvation with highschoolers and other different age groups. It was incredible to work in the projects and get to love on the people. The kids have a special place in my heart, it was so fun to love on them and tell them about Jesus. Through block parties, fun games and just hanging out with them.

I believe that God worked in supernatural ways but after this week it just solidified it for me. He gave me words of knowledge for people (things that Holy Spirit tells you about a stranger or person) and prophesies/words of encouragement. I am not saying any of these things to brag on myself and what I did but to reiterate that Christ can work through any and all who allow him to. I love how he uses us to show his love and attention to detail to people. Here are some of my pictures from the week.

The lady on the far right has had severe back pain and hasn’t been able to walk for two years due to back surgeries. Yesterday after prayer, I watched her WALK away laughing, crying and completely healed!!!! She is just one of many amazing miracles that I saw this week. God is so good!azusa The kids were honestly just too cute and sweet. I wanted to adopt them all!!!!compton1

compton2 compton3 compton4 compton5 This guy got healed of stomach cancer. He couldn’t even stand up straight until some guys prayer for him! Praise the Lord.compton6 FullSizeRendercompton7 compton8

We went to Santa Monica for fun. It was quit the dramatic shift to be in Compton/Watts and then drive 20 minutes and be in Santa Monica. It’s beautiful!santa Some friends.

santa1 santa2 santa3 santa4 santa5 santa6 santa7 santa8 santa9

The last day we were in LA we went to Disney Land. It was AMAZING! I love Disney so much.zdisney zdisney1 zdisney2

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