What’s Up Weekly (Revelation)

IMG_7894(1) IMG_7895

God never let’s anyone down, he exceeds all expectations and never leaves a need unmet. When I need him he’s always available, he’s never too busy or never over booked. He is always easily accessible and close. He had such a desire to be consistently close to us that he made it easy to be with him all the time and sent his Spirit when Jesus died on the cross.

He gives peace, he gives satisfaction and hope.

There are so many things to know and learn about the Lord. We could look at his characteristics for all eternity and still not know even a fraction about him.

I need to slow down when learning about God. When I look at it in the span of eternity, I have forever to learn about God and his character. So every revelation he gives me, I need to go over it to the nth degree. I should suck everything out of it till I can’t get anything else. I need to go over each revelation until there is nothing left to know and the revelation has been applied to my life (meaning change has been produced).

In Isaiah 42 God says he wants to , “Lavish me with revelation.” I loved reading this the other day because it reminded me that there is never an end to learning about and from God. Things never get boring with Him.IMG_8008

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