Things I learned in 2020⚡️

2020 was a revolutionary year. I believe it was this way for most people because it was just so DIFFERENT then most years in the past. Some of the things listed below are things that I’ve learned in other years, in other ways but 2020 brought a whole new light to them.

Through the highs and through the lows, I’ve been very fortunate to have a year close with family, friends & those that I love.

Through the highs and through the lows, I’ve been very fortunate to have a year close with family, friends & those that I love.

I’m thankful for the reframing and changes that have taken place in my heart and life.

I present to you…things I learned in 2020.

⚡️Health has to be a priority. Mental, emotional, physical. Working out, eating well, nourishing your mind and body.

⚡️God doesn’t work according to our timelines. Specifically the western societal timeline. He does what he wants, when he wants and in the best possible timing. Regardless of what we think.

⚡️This year revealed how mean, rude and ugly some people are. People I never would’ve expected to be mean have really shown their butts and it’s made me so sad. That being said, it’s revealed who I TRULY want to be in my circle and it’s revealed some pure goodness in humans that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

⚡️Setting goals and being intentional with life is really important.

⚡️Being outside and connecting with nature is so good for your soul.

⚡️Friends and family are crucial. Being around people you love and that make you feel loved and safe are all so important. I’m so thankful for my family and my BF Sam I could freak out.

⚡️Sometimes being a straightforward communicator is really important. Brave communication is a good, hard things to learn about.

⚡️Emotions are good. Allowing yourself to feel is essential. Otherwise they bubble up like a volcano and you explode. Feeling the feels is healthy.

⚡️This year really made me dream outside of my normal box and get creative. Some normal things are gone. I have to plan as if they might not return while hoping that they do. It’s been a balance.

⚡️I can’t do anything without God. My strength is so limited. It’s so important to stay close to Him.

⚡️I’m more fearful than I ever realized. Sometimes the first step to fixing something is realizing it’s there.

⚡️Spiritual warfare is a real thing. You have to be aware of it.

⚡️Healthy relationships take SO MUCH WORK but they are worth it all.

⚡️Hobbies are so good for you. I think its safe to say that most of us learned how important hobbies are this year. Diving into things that you love and bring you life can be so invigorating and life giving. They aren’t trivial. They are soul care.

⚡️It’s really, really important to have fun. Life is hard. It’s good to enjoy life and laugh a lot. It’s a beautiful thing. Memes are a good go to. Also, it helps to have hilarious people around you that make you laugh and prioritize fun.

⚡️I’m stronger than I thought I was. And so are you.

Thanks 2020. Already loving 2021. Happy new year everyone!

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