50 books

This little reading machine finished 50 books in one year.


For some of you this might not seem like a big deal but to me, it’s a sign of something much bigger than just reading books.


It was about finishing and accomplishing a goal that was larger than I expected or thought that I could actually complete.


For years I’ve set this goal for myself to read 40 books in one year and never accomplished it. LET ALONE READ 10 OVER THAT GOAL.


It’s kind of like the whole, “lose 15 pounds this year,” New Year’s resolution. You set it knowing that you aren’t going to do it and then when it happens it’s like the happiest accident.


The difference was that this year I set the goal and I told myself that I was hell bound and determined to accomplish it. AND I DID IT. WHAT!


Here is the list of books that I read in order of how I read them, not based on how good they were..just on the order of how I read them. I honestly picked whatever caught my eye and kept my attention. Some of them have cuss words (sorry about that).


Thanks to all who recommended some of these great reads. They were awesome!


Let me know if you have any questions about any of these reads or if you need any recommendations. Click the links and it will take you to Amazon so you can look at and buy them 😉


Here we go……

  1. Your best year ever. By Michael Hyatt
  2. Love does. By Bob Goff
  3. Walking with God. John Eldredge
  4. Daring Greatly. Brene Brown
  5. Through the painted desert. By Donald Miller
  6. Get the guy. By Matthew Hussey
  7. How to lead when you’re not in charge. Clay Scroggins
  8. You are a bad***. Jen Sincero
  9. Be our Guest. Disney
  10. The Bravest you. Adam Smith
  11. Start with why. Simon Sinek
  12. Scary close. By Donald Miller
  13. 101 Self Improvement. John Maxwell.
  14. The gift of being yourself. David G. Benner
  15. Ready player one. Ernest Cline
  16. Making time. Bob Clagett
  17. How to talk to anyone. Leil Lowndes
  18. Developing the leaders around you.  John Maxwell
  19. Boundaries in dating. Henry Cloud
  20. How people grow. Henry Cloud
  21. Strong woman soft hearts. Paula Rinehart 
  22. Chess not checkers. Mark Miller
  23. UF yourself.  Gary John Bishop
  24. The power of vulnerability. Brene Brown
  25. All the missing girls. Megan Miranda 
  26. Something Borrowed. Emily Giffin
  27. Chemistry. Leil Lowndes
  28. A Time-Conscious Life. Stephen R. Covey
  29. Blue like jazz. Doland Miller
  30. The Heart Led Leader. Tommy Spaulding
  31. Forgotten God. Francis Chan
  32. Letters to the Church. Francis Chan
  33. Remember God. Annie F. Downs
  34. Astrophysics for people in a hurry. Neil deGrasse Tyson
  35. The Incarnate Leader.  Bill Robinson
  36. Zero G. Dan Wells
  37. The Power of Prayer. Charles Spurgeon
  38. Girl, wash your face. Rachel Hollis
  39. An Effective Life. Stephen R. Covey
  40. Rising strong / as a spiritual practice. Brene Brown
  41. The Alchemist. Paulo Coelho 
  42. UNF UR brain. Faith G. Harper
  43. Unqualified. Steven Furtick
  44. Happy. Ian K. Smith
  45. The road back to you. Ian Morgan Cron
  46. Alien: out of the shadows. Tim Lebron
  47. No Greater Love. Mother Teresa
  48. Blamestorming. Rob Kendall
  49. 4 Essential Keys to Communication. Bento Leal
  50. Playful Intelligence. Anthony DeBenedct

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