How to hear the voice of God

This is one of the vaguest things about following Jesus. People always say, “ I heard the Lord tell me” or something along those lines and I remember how I used to wonder how they had such assurance about it.

As I got closer with God I started to experience the sureness of hearing this voice and communicating with him. If you are anything like me though, you need it spelled out in pretty clear English. I get it.

I want to break that down and unpack it for you. Hopefully, it helps someone out there.

First off, there’s not a recipe for things like this in the Bible, God is so far outside of our “Boxes”, he can do whatever he wants to do and he can appear and speak to you whenever he wants, these are just some ways that I’ve experienced and heard other people experience God speaking to them.

It takes practice. You have to be willing to practice talking to him and then waiting to listen…

1. He speaks through prayer

a. You have to be willing to ask questions, specific questions and be willing to sit and listen to him the answer. I feel like this is the hardest part, sometimes you think it might be your own thought and you doubt that you heard God, but if it’s a good solution, it’s in line with God’s word AND you feel peace about it, 9 times out of 10, it’s God or it’s okay with God 

2. He speaks through people

a. It’s happened so many times that I’ll pray something really specific and someone will come and talk to me about that exact’s wild! It’s happened too many times for me to believe that it’s a coincidence

3. He speaks through visions and dreams

a. I’ve had dreams that came true, or that I was SURE were from the Lord. There are also dreams that are NOT from God, but if you have a dream that you think might be from God, ask him and you will have peace if it’s from him

4. Through signs and wonders

a. In the Bible, there is all kind of crazy stories about God speaking to people in the weirdest ways. He spoke to Moses through a burning bush, he spoke to Paul through a Donkey, and I’ve heard of so many weird ways that he’s spoken to people that I’ve met. He can’t be contained, he will get his message to you if you are willing to listen, receive and be obedient to what he has to say.

This sounds confusing but really it just takes time. He can reveal himself to you in a minute, he’s has been known to do that but normally it takes time to develop a listening ear and an open heart before you clear your mind enough to hear. Keep trying, keep listening for what God wants to say.

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