How to completely change fear

Fear doesn’t fight itself. I can’t just hide behind my phone and friends and expect for fear to go away. I have to remove distractions and recognize what the root of my fear actually is. You have to be willing to stop and get to the bottom (or the root) of the problem.

Sometimes that requires you going to the worst case scenario…the “what if” thing that scares the crap out of all of us. We have to go there, find the feeling that goes along with that place and attack it head-on.

When Jesus died on the cross he faced the worst case scenario, being without God, and ruled it like a boss. He faced rejection, being without God and taking on the darkest sins that could be imagined. Because he won he gave us the power and authority to win also.

Because he won I don’t have to go anywhere without God so whatever fear or thing I’m facing, I can dominate. He gives us the power.

At the end of the day, whatever fear or thing I might be facing, God is a good God and he provides a way out. we just have to put down the distractions long enough to recognize what it is that’s actually going on.

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