A new way to think about blind obedience

Have you ever laid awake staring at your ceiling wondering if you should make a certain decision? I have. Recently I was about to make a big life decision and while I normally sleep like a dead person, this specific night I stayed awake ALL NIGHT staring at my ceiling thinking, “delayed obedience is disobedience.” The next morning I got up and pulled the preverbal plug and stepped out in obedience.

Sometimes God calls you to step out in blind faith and do crazy things. You don’t have a freakin clue why he’s asking you to do something and you don’t know what the outcome will be but you know you have to be obedient or you’ll burst.

That night that I laid awake, I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to do what God was calling me to do. I didn’t want to be obedient. I wanted to keep pursuing what I wanted. I felt like what God was leading me to do was about to take me one step backward, away from getting what I actually wanted.

Sometime’s following Jesus is the most FRUSTRATING, backward thing. It challenges us and calls us to do things that we sometimes really just don’t understand. I think it’s because God knows what we need in terms of eternity, not just the moment. It’s hard for us to see past the next 10 minutes, let alone what we actually need 10 years down the road. He knows what we will need when we are 60 years old, not just today. So sometimes when he calls us to let go of something in the moment, he is leading us to something that’s better for our future.

I really believe that even when God doesn’t bring something physically or materialistically better into our lives, he increases our faith through that obedience and that makes it all worth it. Obedience is greater than sacrifice because it brings us to peace, closer to our destiny and closer to Jesus.

It’s hard, it’s weird and it’s awkward, BUT it’s really cool that I serve a God that knows all things and who knows even better then I do what I actually need.

Ps. I picked this specific picture of clouds outside of an airplane window for a reason. Because sometimes following God and being obedient feels like you are jumping out of an airplane. In other words, crazy, scary, faith-filled, wacky, etc.

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