Who I really am (Type 7)

I’ve taken a lot of personality tests in my day but I don’t think I’ve ever taken one that’s pegged me as well as the enneagram. It called me out in a major way.

The reason why I am a fan of the enneagram test is that it tells you about the flaws in your personality, your biggest fears. Some might view this as too negative but honestly, I think it’s really good for people to be aware of their major flaws & the root of why they do the things that they do. It’s important to figure out how to stop responding to life from those places of deep fear that we have.

I am a type 7, THE ENTHUSIAST! That means that I’m the life of the party. I’m adventurous, outgoing, down for anything, flexible, spontaneous, versatile, positive.

That also means that I am scattered, busy, overextended, non-committed, impatient, impulsive & I run away from pain as fast as I can.

My favorite thing about being the 7 is how adventurous we are and how we are the life of the freakin party most of the time. We are outgoing and vivacious and I really like that about myself. But a lot of times we put up that front and do that in response to the fear of being rejected, in pain or missing out.

Without even realizing it, I’ve done most things in my life as a response to avoid pain at all costs. At my very core, I don’t want to be in pain or be deprived.

For me, deprivation would look like me missing out on the best and fullest things that life has to offer.

After I took this test I realized that the very things that I was doing to protect myself were also keeping me from experiencing the things that I wanted the most in life. The greatest things in life have the highest risks for hurt, and if I want to experience the best of life, I have to take a chance on experiencing the worst.

I reevaluated the things that I had done in the past and started taking more painful risks. Things that I would never have done in the past because they would have had the potential for pain, I started stepping out and doing them.

I want to fully live life and that means putting your heart on the line.

I feel like soon after I found out that my personality has a high desire to run away from pain, I was put into a position where it hurt so badly that all I could think about was running away and numbing the pain. I felt the Lord so clearly telling me to stay planted. To have faith & be patient, so I stayed, and man it hurt like crap. It hurt but it healed and now I feel like I’m stronger than ever.

No matter what your personality type is, I really do believe that your greatest strength is right on the other side of facing some of your biggest fears.

A huge part of this process for me was taking my personality test to my counselor and asking her to work through these things with me. It was honestly life-changing. I’d recommend this to anyone. Find someone confidential to talk to about your strengths & weaknesses and to help you come up with a new plan & keep you be accountable. This test is only as good as what you do with it.


Photo Cred! @RobynDawnPhotos

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