Austin Texas

I honestly can say that I have never in my life had a desire to go to Texas. So when some friends came to me recently and asked if I wanted to join them on this trip to Austin, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little hesitant. But they had organized everything and it was fairly cheap so I figured, “why not?!”

With a ticket in my hand and zero expectations in my heart I went to Austin not knowing anything about the city or what to expect. The day after I arrived, I was obsessed. Taxas hospitality is a REAL thing & it’s just a super fun, free city. I can say non biasly that these are some of the things that you should absolutely check out if you get the chance to travel there….



  1. Flat Track coffee. The coffee is expensive but it’s really good & the actual coffee shop is in a bike shop so it’s a neat experience.
  2. Mozart on the water. They have a really sweet view of the river and free, unlimited refills on cold brew! WHAT!


  1. Eat good tacos!!! It doesn’t matter from where, they are all good. Just grab them and eat them. You wouldn’t regret it!
  2. FareGround food court. It’s an open food court that has food, coffee, drinks, etc., They also have a live DJ outside & amazing seating in a really pretty garden.
  3. Eat at the food trucks on Reiny street. This is a great situation for poeple watching.
  4. Eat at Polvos. Great authentic mexican food!


  1. 6th street for live music. I made friends with a group of busker’s and sung with them on the street corner and I can honestly say this was one of my favorite parts of the trip….even though I didn’t make any money.
  2. Mount Bonnell overlook. It’s not a hard hike, AT ALL! Despite what some reviews say, it’s only like 100 stairs. It’s quick, easy and such a beautiful view of Austin.
  3. Barton Springs pool! It’s such a neat experience & a great place to go swimming. The water is crystal clear. The water is freezing but totally worth it.


  1. Stay at the FireHouse Hostel. It’s amazing! There is a secret speak easy in the entrance of the hostel. It’s super nice & clean and the staff are really kind.


  1. Graffitti park!!! This was one of my favorite places that we went! It was such a neat, fun, free experience. If you appreciate art at all, you’ll like this.
  2. Ride some scooters. There are lime scooters everywhere! GO RIDE THEM all around! It was the best way to see the city.
  3. The container bar. It’s a huge space made out of shipping containers. It’s really, really neat!
  4. If you have a ton of time in Austin, go see the Caves at Longhorn Park. They pretty much take up a whole day considering they are a long drive & the tour is long. They are a really cool experience but I’d only recommend them if you are staying in the city for a while.
  5. The same as the caves, I’d only recommend Krause Springs if you have a lot of time in the city. It wasn’t as clear as the pictures made it out to me but it was a neat experience.

This is me at graffitti park

This is me at Krause Springs

This is me at the caves

This is the container bar

This is Flat Track coffee

This is the hostile

This is me taking a picture while driving a scooter (that’s dangerous)

This is me buying taco’s

This is the back of my head on top of Mount Bonnell

Have fun in Austin!

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