101 Slang Words

As some of you might know, I started a job as a youth pastor back in January. I have always loved working with and acting like a teen every since I graduated from High School. I’ll always remain fascinated by this age group and the issues they face on a daily basis.

This summer I have spent more time with Middle Schoolers & High Schoolers then I have with adults and people my own age. Throughout the course of the summer I have kept a note pad of new slang words that I’ve been hearing on a consistent basis. Just for kicks and giggles I wanted to share them with all of you and give you (from what I could gather) the definition.

I hope you get some laughs and that this list will enable you to be able to hold your own in a conversation with a pre-teen…..

Savage – Cruel, crazy, violent, hardcore.
Snake – means stingy or a bad person.
Yatch (pronounced notch) – not a nice girl.
Selfie game strong – you can take pictures of yourself well.
Bae – before anyone else. A person or item that you are crushing on.
Fleek – not popular anymore
Dope – cool.
Dank – aka cool
Low key/high key – made a small deal or big deal out of something.
Boujee – high class, thinks they are all that.
Gucci – good
It’s Straight – its okay.
Fire – refers to really good music or good object.
Bollin (bullin) – relaxing or chilling.
Lit – It’s awesome.
Flex – being flaky, not showing up after making plans.
Extra – being picky or over the top.
Tax – similar to extra.
What are the moves – what are the plans.
Salty – upset or snarky.
Facts – said when someone says something you agree with.
True true – said when something is right.
J chilling – just chilling.
Dusty – gross, greasy.
Crusty – even worse than dusty.
Smacked – tired or worn out.
Slumped – exhausted.
Jank – bad or broken
Beat/beatr – totally done. It sucks really bad.
Whack – crazy or wild (stupid).
12 – the police.
Bounce – to leave.
Sus – short for suspicious.
Fiend – taking other peoples stuff (drinking their water).
Finesse – doing something well with style or if someone takes something from you.
Fina – fixing to, about to.
Cop / jugg – both mean to take something.
You can miss me with that – what you say when you dont want to do something
Squad up – getting your friends together to fights.
Link – getting together.
Nicer – SO good/ awesome
Shook – means I’m shocked.
What a “g” – what a gangster.
Wildin – being crazy.
Skirt (skeert) – to skip something or swerve or avoid, can say when yoy make a good turn in car.
G – gangster.
OG – original gangster.
That was hype – that was awesome.
That was straight, or “straight”– that was good or awesome.
Hmu – hit me up – in text.

Some of these you’ve probably already heard before or you used to say and you thought they had gone out of style. Well now they are back. And while you were reading this list and I was compiling it, some of the terms have already gone went out of style again because thats how quickly things change. Whatever the case is, keep saying what you appreciate because it will inevitably be back in one day (soon). xoxo.

  1. I’ve been muddling over writing lyrics that primarily consist of acronyms but it’s hard to find the rhymes. Maybe I’ll expand to include some of these. You and your “posse” will get credit if I can make it work. Our better yet y’all do the lyric work and I’ll add the music!! (Read: it’s hard and it would be awesome if someone else would do it.).

    Congrats on the job

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