Sunrise Thought

It’s pretty crazy for me to think that out of all of the places in time and space that I could have been placed, that I was placed exactly where I am right now for a reason. I was born in the year 1990 for a specific reason. Last night I went camping. This morning I was awaken to the most beautiful sunrise. I ran out of my tent and up the mountain to watch it (and of course to get a few cool gram’s, lets be real). Side note, while I was running up the mountain I fell flat on my face and almost killed myself, I wish someone would’ve Instagrammed that. While I was watching the sunrise I was thinking about how unique each sunrise and sunset is, and I was wondering how specifically God chooses each one for a certain day and time. God could’ve chosen another for today but instead He gave me this one. He could’ve given me another day and time to be born and to live but instead he gave me this one, for a specific reason I have no doubt.

I’m just saying, that it’s pretty trippy when you start asking the question of why am I here in this specific time and place? You could’ve been born 1,000 years ago but instead you are sitting here reading this blog post in 2017. I believe you’ve been placed here with a very specific mission and given the exact tools for success that you need. Only you can know in your heart what that specific mission is or how you can accomplish it.

The real question is, what’re you gonna do now with where you have been placed and the time you’ve been given? Are you gonna kill time? Or are you going to grab this moment and time that you’ve been given by the bull horns, kick it in the booty, flip in over and show it whose boss? I am going to choose the second. Let’s make this one life, one time thing really count.

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