What’s Up Weekly (Random Thoughts)

Somethings I’ve been learning this week:

  • Power brings purpose. When you live out of power you will find your purpose.
  • I can simply rest in God’s presence and be restored. There is no need for striving.
  • I can accept compliments and be proud of who I am. I didn’t even create myself so it’s not like I’m bragging on something I did. Instead of deflecting and being “humble” I am going to start accepting the very thing’s that I need to hear. Being arrogant doesn’t come from accepting complaints and thinking you are awesome, it comes from insecurity and shame.
  • I don’t need to worry about if my personality is “too big” or not. I just need to fully be who I was made to be and monitor who I allow to speak into my life. People will always judge, no matter if your personality is too big or too small. The one’s who actually get to know me will realize I am not bossy or overbearing and the one’s who don’t would have judged me either way, and don’t have the right to speak into my life because they haven’t taken time to invest into it.

DSC_7771 DSC_7778 DSC_7783 DSC_7789 DSC_7794 DSC_7802 DSC_7804 DSC_7812

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