Germany Day 1

Moral hit a low point when we had been traveling for 48 hours and I had to carry my 50 pound suitcase up a lot of stairs (a lot of times) in the heat of the day. I was quickly convicted, after all I am carry my nice luggage, filled with nice things up stairs in Europe (arguable the most beautiful place in the world), with mountains in the back ground and friends by my side. Life is good and I would call my complaints “first world problems”. We arrived at our 4 story, white brick inn. It has shutters, green interior, it’s covered in flowers, lovely smells, it has sweet German staff and it feels more like a home than an inn. After making a “doner” run (basically German hoagies) we all dropped our bags and fell fast asleep with the windows open and a thunderstorm making magical music in the distance.








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