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Last year I moved into a house with a bunch of girls. We got really lucky and found a cute house in arguably the nicest neighborhood in Charlotte. Honestly I had barely been in the backyard but one night I was sitting on the back steps and was struck by an idea, what if we cleaned out the dilapidated shed in our backyard?! My roommate Rachel and myself made it our mission to turn this crumbling old shed into a pinterest perfect party barn. Now at the time this was a hard picture to envision considering there were dirt floors, TV’s from the 1970’s rusty old bikes and tools, horrible lockers and many other mismatched items strung across the shed. It’s hard to tell by this picture but here is a before picture…


Now that you can see what it looked like before it might be easier for you to fully appreciate the final product.

photo2 Photo3 Photo4


Here are some steps we took to get to these final “after” photos.

  • First we took everything out of the shed and threw it away. We kept very few things because we wanted to start with a clean slate.
  • Next we raked all of the leave and branches out and cleaned it.
  • After that we took some old table we had and placed them strategically around the barn and hung the Christmas lights and lanterns up.
  • I made the banner and we panted chalkboard frames to write appropriate things on based upon the party we’re hosting.


We found the wooded couch in the barn but it didn’t have any cochins or pillows on it and it was very uncomfortable. I bought some pillows from a local thrift store for the back. Next I took eggshell mattress pads (folded them in half) and covered them with a shower curtain from the Dollar General (so it would be more durable). Altogether the couch only cost us $8!


Since the renovation of the shed turned barn we have had some very special moments and incredible parties. I took this video moments before my roommates now fiancé decided to propose to her in this very shed! We added some menorahs and candles and it was ready to go.

I had a craft night the other night and below was the set up for the party. I invited a bunch of girls over and told them all to bring their favorite craft so we could all make them together. I moved the tables around and rented a few chairs from the local party rental place for about $20. Needless to say there was way more talking then crafting but it was so much fun!


I took this photo the other night during a dinner party we hosted. We had everyone over for “Brinner” (breakfast for dinner) and it was perfect. It’s hard to tell from this picture but we set up a fire pit right outside of the shed that we typically all sit around and have great conversations.


This barn redo was such a fun project and it just goes to show that you can potentially have something (literally in your backyard) your not using that can be turned into something beautiful. We love the space we were able to create but most of all we love the good times that we have had in it.

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