This Week

Williamsburg Brooklyn. So hipster.



Charity Water canister.DSC_9838Hidden garden.DSC_9754

The most adorable Insta couple. Check out their story on my nstagram (@ellielacey).DSC_9747

We whip out hair back and forth. #GingergramDSC_9730



Throwing sand.DSC_9680

Say this mirror in an art museum the other day. It asked a compelling question,

“What temptations do you face in the mirror?DSC_9613



Buildings forever.DSC_9544

The Chelsea Highline.DSC_9535DSC_9504 DSC_9473 DSC_9470

Our fearless team leader all summer.DSC_9464 DSC_9463 DSC_9448 DSC_9442

My NYC crew.DSC_9406 DSC_9357

Taking a picture of Stephen taking a selfie.DSC_9349

Teammate.DSC_9346 DSC_9345 DSC_9344 DSC_9338

Teammate KC.DSC_9331

Greenwich Pottery House.DSC_9312 DSC_9308 DSC_9273 DSC_9263 DSC_9228 DSC_9164 DSC_9109

Sweet Temptations Cafe.DSC_9080 DSC_9070 DSC_9052

Funky wall.DSC_9044 DSC_9043

I ❤ the NYC skyline.DSC_8976

Lady Liberty.DSC_8945 DSC_8876

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