Pictures of People (Day 6)

I met the man with the golden camera in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He was such a kind soul. He sets up a booth everyday on the street with his pictures on display and his camera in hand. Flocks of people stop to look at this interesting Polaroid like portraits he’s taken for decades with his infamous golden camera. I got to walk through the process of taking pictures with him and his clients. As I watched him capture the special moment while he was with them I realized he has the job of making people happy.

Here are the steps he takes for convincing a client to have their portrait taken:

 1. He shows off his sweet equipment (it won me over).


2. He charms them with his cool style and italian accent.


3. He shows them his portfolio.2.DSC_9007

4. They are convinced.3.DSC_9004

5. He takes the picture.4.DSC_9017

6. He puts the print into his portable “dark room”.5.DSC_9020

7. He separates the print from the film.

8. He signs his autograph, naturally.7.DSC_9034

9. He gives the happy customer their print.8.DSC_9031

10. And he returns to being cool.9.DSC_9038

  1. hi, i ran into this man a few days ago and instantly also fell in love! does he have a website?? i could have sworn i saw one on his stand, but didn’t write it down

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