Europe Trip (pictures and Q&A)


Hey everyone! Me and my husband recently went on a trip to Europe that was amazing! I posted a ton of my iPhone photos on Instagram but I took a ton on my camera that I was looking forward to sharing. Unfortunately for some reason I was having connection issues while I was over there and couldn’t load them until I got home. I wanted to drop the photos here and answer a few questions that you all had about the trip while I was at it…..

Here are some of the questions that I was asked….

How long was the trip? 23 days with 3 days of travel

Where all did you go? London, Dover, Paris, Venice, Florence, Amalfi, Rome

Who planned the trip for you? Me & Sam!

Questions that no one asked but I’m answering anyways…..

How did we travel around to different countries? Took the Eurorail. We got a month long pass!

Favorite place we visited? Amalfi coast

Least favorite place we visited? Positano on the Amalfi coast. It was SO PACKED AND CROWDED. We could barely move there were so many people there. I was so sad because it’s been a long time dream of mine to visit.

Most surprising place: Venice!! It was amazing. so beautiful and such a cool concept for a city. It was pretty touristy but such a cool place to visit. Very Romantic.

Where did we stay? Air bnbs!

Favorite memories on the trip: We found an old jazz club in Paris that was epic! That was a fun night. Gondola ride through Venice was unforgettable. We stumbled upon a boat show in London that was so much fun to explore around. We talked to the boat owners and drank wine. The coronation was a such a monumental moment to be a part of while we were in England. Napping and hiking on the Cliffs of Dover. Renting a scooter in Florence and driving out to the Tuscany countryside was amazing. It’s stunning! Making new friends in Amalfi and staying out way too late with them. The history in Rome was amazing to see!!! The Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, the coliseum, the Roman Forum. The bar under us in our Rome air bnb blasting music so loudly that we thought they were in the room with us until 2 AM was funny as well. Mainly we just loved spending time together though! Eating, drinking, exploring the city and just wondering around.

Overall it was an epic trip! We can’t wait for the next one….

Now here are my camera pictures….

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