Your Relationship Advice

I did an IG story the other day that asked you guys for the best relationship advice you’ve ever been given. It was all GOLDEN and I wanted to share it….

Here is the advice you each gave….

Major in the major and minor in the minors.

For us, making an intentional date time was HUGE. It can be so easy to let it slide.

Learn their love languages. Make each other a priority. Pray, serve & go to church together!

Two become one doesn’t mean that you cease to be an individual.

Make sure they’re actually putting effort into the relationship.

There’s time for forever. So don’t rush stuff.

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to show him your face without makeup.

It takes no effort to raise your standards.

Check your own heart before pointing a finger at them.

Falling in love is wholly dependent on the level of crazy you’re willing to put up with.

The idea that if it’s “right” it wouldn’t/shouldn’t be hard work.

Always give him the benefit of the doubt, don’t be afraid of communication.

Be friends.

Love on your own terms is no love at all.

You don’t have to know if you’re going to marry them on your first date. Chill out and give it time.

You can’t lead someone to a place you’re not going yourself. That’s why self-care is critical.

The worst advice I got in the mix…LOLL they were kidding 😉

“Get prenups.”

“Vote Republican.” That’s not relationship advice.


Thanks so much for taking the time to give me great advice! You are all awesome!

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