10 Things that might be sucking the life out of you…

10 Things that might be sucking the life out of you…

These might all seem like really basic, obvious things but they are hard to keep in the forefront of your mind.

1. Running on empty

Sometimes life is so busy that you go without stopping to recharge. When you don’t take time for yourself it’s hard to pour positive energy back out onto other people. Taking time to recharge is essential.

2. Clutter

Clutter in your house, room, car, it adds to stress even without you actually realizing it. It subconsciously adds to stress levels and makes it harder to rest when you have the time. Take time once a week to clear your room, car and house of clutter. If you absolutely cannot do it yourself, take 20 minutes and go to a professional auto cleaner, or hire sometime to clean your house once a month. It might cost more money but it’s worth it. Minimalize things and you wouldn’t have much to clean.

3. Eating unhealthy

Preaching to the choir here. But when you are busy and stressed, eating whatever’s in front of you seems to be the habit, and that normally is fast and accessible things that are unhealthy. Meal planning, meal prepping if possible are so essential to solving this problem. If you don’t have the time or don’t even know where to begin with things like this, find a dietician, a person that could help you with meal prepping, a meal service (there are lots in every city) Fit Foods in Charlotte is great, or online services like Hello Fresh.  All great options. What you eat will really shift things.

4. Stress

Stress is the cause of all leading forms of diseases, it sucks the life out of you. It’s important to figure out when you are actually stress, checking in with your body. Is your jaw clenched, back and shoulders stressed, forehead tight? Finding ways to combat that throughout the day is essential. Maybe it’s through deep breathing, meditations, yoga, etc., Different things work for different people.

5. Forgetting about your body

Forgetting to exercise is so easy when you are busy and your schedule is packed. Before you know it you’ve been sitting at your desk job for 8 hours only to get home and veg out while watching Netflix. Barely fitting 4,000 steps around in a day. Taking the time to take care of yourself is super important. Find a workout that you love. Maybe kill two birds with one stone, finding a workout that eases stress and works your body or maybe while hanging with a friend. It will make it much more enjoyable.

6. Not drinking enough water

This has a huge impact on your health, energy and overall well-being. Keep a huge water bottle with you wherever you go and without even realizing it, you will drink it. Don’t like water? Find some healthy drops to add to your water to give it a good taste.

7. Not sleeping enough

Not taking the time to sleep, have a regular sleep pattern or not having a good quality of sleep is something that will eventually begin to take a major toll on you and your quality of life. Take steps to make it better, creating a routine, leaving places earlier. Making a routine before you go to bed, drinking sleepy time tea and reading help a lot. Also making your bed as comfortable as possible, mattress toppers, comfy pillows, fans blowing, essential oils in a diffuser all help. If none of those things work, maybe seeking help from a counselor or doctor might be a good next step to take.

8. Caring what other people think too much

This will suck the life out of you. When you are constantly agonizing over other people’s opinions it will stress you out to the max. It will be a never-ending agony because there are always more people to please.

9. Packing every minute

When you don’t give yourself a break in your schedule to breath, to think, to regain ground. This might not immediately affect you but it will eventually begin to take a toll on you and suck the life out of you.

10. Hanging around draining people

In this particular section sometimes you don’t really have a say. We all have to work jobs, have family or have to be a part of things that include people that are draining or that we have to work harder to engage with. It’s just a part of life and learning how to navigate around that is really important. I used to just “push through” in situations like this but I’ve realize that when I hangout with too many people like this in a row I become really irritable, tired and I am just not as much fun to be around. I’ve realized if possible, spacing them out or not hanging around them at all (if that’s a possibility) is the best approach honestly. Either way, make sure you balance time spent with people that suck the life out of you with people that bring you life to your heart and encourage you. You will thank yourself later 😉

  1. So many wonderful, useful reminders in this post, thank you. All so true. I think the only thing I’m doing right is drinking enough water! I am working on the others…

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for the kind encouragement. It’s so hard to get it all together sometime. Sometimes I’m really good about all of them and sometimes I fall miserably behind. I think it’s important to just be NICE to yourself no matter where you are on the scale with these things though 🙂 Hope you have the best day!

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