What’s Up Weekly (All Talk)

img_2682Well I have officially been the worst at updating my blog recently. If I’m being real it’s been hard for me to find meaning in the world of the internet recently. I have not really wanted to engage in social media or the internet for the past few months because it just seems pretty meaningless to me. There are parts of it that are beautiful and that I love but it’s been discouraging to realize how these outlets have promoted being people who are “all talk”.

All of this to say, the above ties into what I wanted to write about today. For the past few weeks I’ve become more and more aware of how social media and the internet is making our society “all talk”. We have so many ways of communication that it consumes us. Before you know it you’ve chatted all day and barely DONE anything. You can easily fall into the Facebook, instagram, texting, phone talking hole and boom…the day’s gone.

Days and days can go by before we even realize that you actually haven’t done much, but just talked about it. I’m saying this from a personal place because I’ve experienced this feeling and I catch myself in this cycle. It scares me to death.

Communication is such a beautiful thing but if it’s not paired with actions, it can become pretty meaningless. If you notice most people who are doing incredible things for our society right now are people of ACTION. While everyone else is talking and communicating, they are making things happen.

Kim Kardashian for example, she doesn’t even have a talent. Why is she famous above all the other talented people walking the streets? Because she MADE. IT. HAPPEN. She took action and became famous. Imagine if all she would have done was post on Facebook and instagram about how she wanted to be famous. It never would have happened (**Note….I’m not condoning the way’s in which she became famous, just making a point ;).


In the same way, we can’t just post online and expect for things to change. We need to take action. I think it’s really important to be a person of action, a person whose actions speak louder than my words.

Don’t get me wrong, words and communication are one of the most lovely thing on the planet, but God makes it pretty clear in his word that we need to be people of tangible action. Our words and deeds are what proclaim our beliefs. Without deeds all we have are thoughts and thoughts without any action whatsoever are meaningless. Don’t let the overstimulation and over communication in our society distract you from doing what you were placed on this planet to do.

Don’t let the overstimulation and over communication in our society distract you from doing what you were placed on this planet to do.

In a world that’s filled with over communication let’s stand in stark contrast and be people of action. Let’s find the balance of this together.


****PS. If you get something out of reading my blog posts, please let me know. I really want to know what people like about it. I’m really hoping that this will help me to understand which topics I should touch more on in the future and what direction I want to take with my site. Thanks! xoxo

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