The Tiny House

So my parents are two of the most original hipsters you will ever meet. Of course they would never admit to it or “try” to be, (like true hipsters) but it’s made very evident through their actions. They garden, build everything in sustainable, cheap, eco-friendly ways. They eat organically, use mason jars for everything, and jump on the vegan bandwagon occasionally. I mean you know its real when, you remember your mom growing Kombucha on our counter way before it was cool. Ha!

Anyways, their newest venture has been to build a tiny house. My mom has studied tiny houses and yurts for years. She finally decided to venture into the world of actually creating one when our adopted family member Meg, and her boyfriend said they would move into it if they actually made it.

Soon after they moved a “shell” onto our family’s land. They began gutting and redoing virtually everything about it apart from the foundation and the structure.

Sadly I didn’t get to take any real “before” pictures from when they originally started but here are some pictures from a few weeks before they finished.

The porch


The living room


The Kitchen


The bedroom


The bathroom. Which by the way my mom made the bathroom (apart from the shower and toilet) for only $12!!!!!)

IMG_1073 IMG_1072

Here are the after videos

Here are pictures. Enjoy!

IMG_1379 IMG_1380 IMG_1388 IMG_1426 IMG_1427


It blows my mind how some people are capable of creating and completing things with such effortlessness. I hope this inspires you to create and bring the things to life that have been brewing in your heart. God firmly instilled determination, creativity and beauty in each of us. You are capable of doing whatever it is in your life that you want to accomplish. 

This concludes the tour of the tiny house. Thanks for joining.

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