What’s Up Weekly (Unique personality)

Today I was dreaming about the beautiful sunset I saw the night before last.

Just like the sunsets, each person is different and unique. You cant compare one to the other because they are so vastly different.

I love how the world actually NEEDS your unique personality and differences.

We were each made differently so that we could fulfill our individual callings. Value who you were made to be and walk fully in that, not trying to conform to who someone else is or says you should be.

Your differences are actually an advantage, not a hindrance in fulfilling what God has for your life.

If God needed you to look similar to someone else He would have made you that way. He makes us the way that He wants and needs us to be.

We should all be cultivating our uniqueness instead of cutting it down.

If there’s a plant and you keep cutting it down and trying to trim it to be something else it will never fully grow into what it’s truly supposed to be. Take a bonsai for instance.

This plant will never be over a certain hight because it constantly trimmed down and bound up. It will never reach the potential it was made for because of the way it’s been forced to be something else.

The neat thing about this is that even when we do this to ourselves, we still end up being beautiful. A bonsai plant is still beautiful even if it’s not what it could fully be.

All of this to say; be yourself, otherwise you are short changing the world.

PS. These pictures were taking in Oregon this weekend! Isn’t it stunningly beautiful there?!
ViANb qTMSn DSC_8844 DSC_8828

I hiked to the top of Smith Rock! It’s so beautiful!IMG_6858 IMG_6868

The base of Smith Rock.IMG_6859

Straight chilling up top.IMG_6860

The beautiful river at the base of Smith Rock.IMG_6871 IMG_6870 IMG_6872

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