Valentine’s Day Thoughts

IMG_6516It’s Valentines Day once again. While this day used to bring me anxiety and shame, the older I get the more revelation and thankfulness it brings me. Yes, I am still single and yes, I still buy myself chocolate and flowers if no one else does. But the older I get the more revelation and thankfulness this day brings me.

I think a lot of us expect someone to come and poor love out on us for Valentines Day. We expect the person who has never asked us out one of the other 364 days of the year to finally make it happen on Valentines Day and when that inevitably doesn’t happen, we start hating the day. We completely fail to remember that we have love to offer and shower on people too. Let’s stop looking at what we are lacking and instead become aware of what we’ve already gotten and can give away. Valentines day only sucks when you make it introspective and focused on yourself.

Today let’s look at sometime much bigger then ourselves. Let’s look at how today and every day, Jesus beckons to our hearts…BE MINE. Whether it’s Valentines Day or a normal Tuesday our heavenly Father is pursuing our hearts and seeking intimacy and romance with us. Intimacy is made up of a lot of small moments. Every day Jesus is showing us His affection in small, meaningful ways, and whether I choose to see them or not is up to me.

A few years back I started paying attention to the small details and things God was working out in my life. When I focused my attention on those small things, my heart moved in big ways. Now I look back and reflect on the small intimate moments and ways that my heavenly father pursued my heart and I can hardly handle the thankfulness.

When I say the small things I’m talking about the things that might seem meaningless to someone else but to you it’s meaningful and needed. Think about the bad morning you were having when someone bought you coffee, the day you felt ugly and someone called you beautiful, when you needed help and someone showed up, when God provided the perfect job, the perfect roommates, when you were lonely and you felt His presence, and the list goes on and on. When you start recognizing these moments it’s almost impossible for your heart not to explode with gratefulness. How can you not feel loved and romanced when you realize all He has done for you?!

All of this to say, I hope that you stop viewing this holiday as a singles/relationship awareness day and instead start seeing it as a day where you are hyper aware, and thankful for your blessings.

    1. Haha! I know I will…I’m honestly not super worried about it. Everyone else is more worried for me then I am about myself lol. You will too girl!

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