Lizzy & Luke


On December 19th, I walked through the front door of my best friends house and onto her back porch. As I stood there looking down I saw the photographer, taking pictures of my best friend Lizzy and her fiancé (now one of my best friends too) Luke. They were doing their first look, and while I watched them watching each other I knew in my heart that this was a couple literally made in heaven.


Through trials and tribulations both Lizzy and Luke have waited patiently with high unwavering standards for the perfect person to come into their life. Despite the temptation and people sometimes telling them to just “settle” they never did.


Lizzy decided to go to bible college in Australia a few years ago. Before she left I remember joking with her saying she would meet her husband. When she came home with only “new friends” I figured my intuition was mistaken.


Shortly after getting home she started talking about her friend Luke that she met while she was there. Before I knew it they had told each other how they felt and decided to start dating long distance. 
When he landed in America a few months later and I met him and was pleasantly surprised that not only was he a real human, but he was a cool real human and we even became friends.


Over the past year I have had the privilege of seeing their amazing relationship unfold. It was no surprise to me when I got a call from them a few months saying that they were engaged! And it was no surprise when I got a call from them saying the date and extending an invitation for the special day.


They had a small quaint wedding with only a few friends, a photographer, the pastor and some immediate family members.


Throughout the whole day it was so obvious that this day was exactly what it was supposed to be. It wasn’t about the flowers, the venue, the guest list or the cake. It gave attention to the most important part, the bride, the groom and their love for each other. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hype of weddings that like so many other things; we actually forget why we are really there. It’s not about the wedding; it’s about the marriage.


All of this to say, Lizzy and Luke are two of my favorite and best friends and I couldn’t be happier about their marriage. I felt so honored to be a part of this special day and to have things brought back into perspective for me. I am inspired by you both and the love that you have for each other and other people. Thanks for being the best of friends to me. Cheers to L&L!

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