Bend, Oregon

Oregon quickly became one of my favorite states. They pump gas for you and have play stations for your children while you grocery shop. Sounds a little too good to be true right? Especially when you combine it with the incredible scenery and the friendly locals. Bend is an adorable little mountain town thats quickly becoming one of the most sought after cities in the U.S. It has some more breweries then any other city per capita, it’s clean, safe and beautiful. It didn’t hurt anything that I went and visited it with some of my favorite friends. It was an incredible trip and I can’t wait to go back and see more of it.
DSC_7208 DSC_7209 DSC_7218 DSC_7222 DSC_7224 DSC_7231 DSC_7249 DSC_7269 DSC_7274 DSC_7283 DSC_7289 DSC_7297 IMG_3143 IMG_3299 IMG_3307 IMG_3308 IMG_3309 IMG_3311

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