Easy Hair Tips and Tricks

Recently I met with a few of the most talented people in Charlotte and wrote a hair and makeup blog. Myself, Lisa Her, a makeup artist, Lizzy Rivera, a hair stylist and Michelle Rojas, a photographer all came together to collaborate and give each other tips and tricks in our work fields and it was too much fun. I recently released the makeup portion of the blog and today I am finally releasing the hair portion. We did three separate hair looks, one old Hollywood glam hair, one more glamorous with a half up do/braided bun and lastly we did an updo. Here are some of the photos and tips from the hair portion. Hope you enjoy!

1. Dry shampoo—Just spray it into your hair, leave for a few minutes then brush. Dry shampoo saves my life every day. This stuff works magic ya’ll.
2. Get volume—To get volume you want to section your hair off in a middle Mohawk. Take this top middle Mohawk and use a top roller set or you can use a bottle of hairspray. Wrap the mohawk around hair spray and then hairspray until section stays in a curl. There are multiple approaches you can take to getting volume though…here is a video on how to get some volume going on https://youtu.be/QQTT7h83uU0
3. Sections—Take small sections of hair 1.5 start from back and curl pieces away from the front of your head–pull bang back away from face forward or to side https://youtu.be/WW4pi18EwzwEasyhair4
4. Duck bill clips—Put your hair into duckbill clips and spray with shine spray and hair spray so curls will hold all day. This step is important, you have to set hair so that there will be volume
5. Pull out curls—In order to get those old Hollywood, soft curls you have to take the curls out and run your fingers through your hair. Also, use a soft brush to brush out curls for softer look




Here is the final product of the first look….

Hair Second Look
1. Put half up— Part bangs to the side and take hair half back like in picture

2. Tees hair—Tees the part that you are going to pull back. We recommend watching some YouTube tutorials or asking your hairstylist how to do this. It could easily turn out to be a huge knotted disaster if you don’t know what your doing. Here is an awesome video that gives you directions on how to best tees your hair without damaging it https://youtu.be/bazwdWEnp7Q
3. Pin back—Take the back section of hair that you teased and you can pin it back with bobby pens
4. Side braid—Braid starting on the side of your head, where a headband would go and braid the two sides
5. Bring together—Bring both braids together in middle to bobby pen in the back of your head. Take all the extra hair (that wasn’t included in the braids) braid it downward, and then put all of the braids into a bun, bobby pen and just like that, it will look like a flower

7. Add flower
Here is the final product of the second look…
Hair Third Look
The third look was easy because she built this hairstyle off of what she had already worked with in the last two looks

1.Pen up—She just took the bottom part of the hair that hadn’t been included into the braids, braided them and then bobby penned them into the already existing bun
Here is the final product of the third look…Easyhair24Easyhair25Easyhair26
I hope that these looks, tips and tricks are easy for you to recreate and make your hair life a whole lot easy. Since this blogging party I have used these looks on repeat because they are easy and fun to recreate. Feel free to comment any questions you might have and I will consult the professionals for the answers. Xoxo 

Makeup: Lisa Her http://www.lisaher.com
Hair: Lizzy Rivera http://www.upsanddos.com
Photography: Michelle Rojas http://www.mrojasphotography.com

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