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Let’s not get confused, I am not a beauty professional and I am not trying to start a hair and makeup blog but I thought it might be fun to share something outside of my normal blogosphere realm. If you are anything like me, you like to get ready quickly. I love to be fashionable and look put together but lets be real, I don’t have the time or the energy to spend one hour getting ready every day. I work for the coolest company ever, (@Metrosotherwoman) and they sent me on assignment to write a blog about giving woman tips and tricks to get ready quickly. When my boss asked me to do this I immediately knew that I had to meet with the most talented people in Charlotte. So naturally I met with Lisa Her, a makeup artist, Lizzy Rivera, a hair stylist and Michelle Rojas, a photographer. During this shoot we did two separate looks, one more natural makeup with old Hollywood style glam hair and one more glamorous makeup with a half up do/braided bun. We took the first look from day to evening appropriate by making the makeup a little more dramatic. Here are some of the photos and tips from the makeup portion, I’ll share the hair tips soon. Hope you enjoy!

Makeup First look

Before—Naturally I came in looking like a hot mess (I can’t believe I’m posting pictures of me with no makeup on the internet). Luckily this insanely talented team was able to work their magic. Too bad they couldn’t give me pointers on modeling 😉

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Lisa gave me these 10 easy tips for a flawless complexion/face makeup:

1. Mist—By applying a rose mist on your face with a spray bottle it refreshes your skin, adds lustre to the texture and allows all other products to soak in

2. Moisturizer—Apply appropriate moisturizer depending on your skin tone

3. Primer—glide on with fingers so application of foundation will appear a lot smoother

4. Foundation—Apply a mineral liquid foundation to even out skin tone

5. Contouring—You want to apply a powder that is 3-4 shades darker for deeper definition—You will want to outline your cheeks by taking your brush in a J formation from your ear to your mouth.

6. Eye brows—Next comes your eyebrows. For a more natural look just focus on the tail of your eyebrow–comb it upwards so you can see the shape of your brow then use an angled brush to apply eyebrow color

7. Blush—Apply appropriate blush to“apple” of cheek

8. Shimmer—Apply shimmer to higher parts of cheekbones

9. Charged Mac water—Spray this on your face to avoid getting a cake face. This will also make the makeup set in nicely with the natural oil that’s already on your face 

10. Setting spray—Spray your face and then fan immediately



Here are 6 easy steps for big beautiful eyes:

1. Prime—Prime with tinted primer (best for people on the go) so that your eye shadow doesn’t smear and stays on longer

2. Sharpen eyeliner pencil—Make sure it is thin so that the inside of your eye will be clean, therefore appearing bigger. Also, use side of pencil instead of the point

3. Use dome brush—Use this to smooth out eyeliner to give it a smoky effect

4. Set—Set this all in with a Matte eye shadow for a richer texture

5. Shimmer—Add light shimmer powder in inner corner of eyes to open it up

6. Measure fake lashes—cut off remainder–trim then to fit comfortably

Fake lashes not for you? That’s okay! Just add 3 coats of mascara in an up and down motion after curling your natural lashes with a lash curler.HU9WySlTsjxVtIzM-BBJEBI0rQUzAiXaClQc18ceVE0

Here’s the final product of the First Look….

Makeup Second Look

To turn this look into an “evening appropriate” look, Lisa just added onto the steps that she had already completed above. These next steps are sure to turn your more natural look into a dramatic look for an evening out.




5 Tips for night out eyes:

1. Winged liner—This look changes your whole eye shape. Just take the corner of your eye and pull eyelid until its all one straight line, carry eyeliner to the outer corner

2. Definition into the crease—Put a darker shadow in the crease of your eyes

3. Bottom eyeliner
—Add some eyeliner on the water line of your eye–smudge it before it completely dries so it’ll create a nice soft look

4. Liner on bottom of lashes—for more natural look only take liner from corner of eye half way

5. Add bold lip color—Follow the tips and tricks below

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2 Simple steps for luscious lip:

1. Lip liner—Dramatize your lips by outlining a little outside of your natural lipline

2. Lip color pencil—Use a lip colored pencil or stain and start layering. Layering the color will make it stay on longer

Here are the final pictures of the second look…

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I hope that these tips and tricks inspire a new look, and ease in your makeup life like it did with mine. If you by chance are looking for a makeup or hairstylist, don’t think, don’t question, just hire these ladies.


Makeup: Lisa Her

Hair: Lizzy Rivera

Photography: Michelle Rojas


  1. They did a great job and the photos are beautiful! Even this first looks seems like a lot of steps for an everyday look trying to get ready and out the door for the day though?

  2. Hey, friend! I’m here from the RTS! Great blog post! I am personally makeup challenged, but this seemed very basic yet impactful! I’m ready to and excited to try some of these out on my own face! Thanks for all of the hard work put into this post!!!


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