This Week

This week I got to adventure up and down the coast of South Carolina. South Carolina gets the reputation of being boring and ugly but I would say the opposite. It’s filled with southern hospitality and low country beauty. There will always be a Palmetto shaped hole in my heart that only this state and it’s lowland can fill.

The lovely Queen


Pawley’s Island, South Carolina.

DSC_7776 DSC_7774

One of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. Snapped this while riding in the car.

DSC_7765 DSC_7758

Murrel’s Inlet, South Carolina.DSC_7904

My dad found some barnacle covered glasses. He said, “It feels like I am looking through barnacle colored glasses.” He’s always got puns.DSC_7891 DSC_7888 DSC_7887 DSC_7879 DSC_7871 DSC_7869 DSC_7859 DSC_7854 DSC_7848 DSC_7841

Castle Adventures

DSC_7828 DSC_7825 DSC_7823 DSC_7821 DSC_7819 DSC_7817 DSC_7812 DSC_7805

Georgetown, South Carolina.DSC_7802 DSC_7799 DSC_7795 DSC_7794 DSC_7791 DSC_7788 DSC_7786 DSC_7782 DSC_7781

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