This Week

Meet my Kaka. She is my Great Aunt but I have always considered her more of a Grandmother figure. She is one of the kindest, most loving, ditzy, creative people I know. At age 74 she jumped off a bridge with me and my brothers and sisters, proving to be one of the coolest people ever. Age hasn’t slowed her down one bit. She is always active, doing some sort of traveling or having some type of adventure. This weekend I went to go and visit her and I took some pictures of her, her house (it’s amazing), some of her paintings, and her heirloom family ring that everyone wants.

Kaka’s Kitchen. she doesn’t cook much but when she does it is normally burnt toast, or fried rice.


Yes, Kaka has a throne in her house. It’s one of the coolest chairs I’ve ever seen. Only she could get away with having it in her house.DSC_7334She explained to me how this was the last painting her Father ever saw so it is especially sentimental.DSC_7341


Some of our family history.DSC_7348

The ring to beat them all. In my eyes, this ring is famous. I used to stare at it in amazement when I was younger.DSC_7370DSC_7368

Some of my favorite Kaka originals.DSC_7353DSC_7349DSC_7339

          There is certainly never a dull moment in the life of Kaka.

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