Pictures of People (Day 8)

Recently I met Caroline, a 20 year old Auburn college student. I saw her eat an Oreo and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get more joy from these tasty treats. I was so interested in the amount of joy that she got from them that I decided to document the process.

Name: Caroline
Age: 20
Occupation: college student/math tutor
Trick to eating an Oreo correctly: For me, I like to take it apart and taste everything by itself then put it back together and taste it all at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds!
Why Oreos make you happy: They are simple, crunchy, and sweet. What’s not to love?
Happiest moment of my life: This is super hard. I have been blessed in so many ways but the little things really mean a lot to me. What makes me the happiest is being with my friends. We can be doing everything or nothing but as long as I am with the people I know who love me the most, I’m golden!

Here are Caroline’s steps to successfully eating an Oreo.

1. You behold its beauty.


2. You carefully open.
3. You make a wish.
4. You enjoy.DSC_9384

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