American Bible Society

This is a #latergram post (because I forgot to post it earlier) from while I was in NYC. The American Bible Society was so rad. They currently have an art exhibit that’s called “Out Of Eden.” This psychedelic video represents a visual transformation of creation.


 Standing in front of/watching the video makes for cool silhouettes.


 Its hard to see the blue spots on the mirror but every so often you could see the outline of a snake on the mirror. This mirror represented Eve and the temptation that she faced while in the garden. On the plaque for the mirror it asked a powerful question that I’ve been thinking a lot about,

“What temptations do you face in the mirror?”


This piece represented Eve and the transformation she went through.


This one obviously represents the snake in the garden of Eden.


This piece had was a fence of garden tools. It represented the tools in life and the gates that hold society in place.

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