Pictures Of People (Day 5)

Yesterday I met Louis Mendes. I went to go buy a new camera and when I came out of the camera shop he was just standing there with his famous press camera. I had no idea who he was or that he was famous, I just asked him if I could take his picture and test out my new camera. I quickly found out that he is famous for his camera, street photography and portraits.

He was born and raised in Jamaica Queens, New York. He tried working for the corporate world (Macy’s) but gave that up for his love of photography. He became the original Humans of New York in 1970 when he started traveling around the U.S. photographing people in public places.

DSC_7618 DSC_7621


    1. Sorry for the super super super delayed response to this but somehow I am just now seeing it. Who cares what they think! Have a great day erik!

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