What’s in my purse

Please excuse the mess first off. It’s a really, really packed train wreck.


First off, my bag is a vintage Coach purse. It’s one of my favorite things. It was grandmother’s and when she passed away, I was lucky enough to inherit it. She obviously had great taste because not only is it classy but it goes with everything, but It’s also durable and the perfect size to fit everything in.

  1. I’ve got a little vintage leather wallet that holds all of my cards and receipts. I barely ever carry cash or change so I don’t need space for them. I got it from a thrift store and I love it.
  2. My fav sunglasses. I got them from a mall kiosk.
  3. An assortment of teas. I love to Yogi brand.
  4. Three different types of stevia depending on my mood. Carmel, chocolate & vanilla. I love this brand. Click here to see them on Amazon.
  5. Packets of vitamins that I got from my natural doctor. They are great!
  6. I keep cards that have great questions to ask people on them. Sometimes if I know I’m going into a meeting with a person that’s not talkative I’ll pick out one or two of these questions. Click here to see them on Amazon. 
  7. Body spray. It’s just the vanilla body mist from Bath and BodyWorks. It’s hard to beat.
  8. I love the book called “Get off your phone.” When you are standing in line somewhere and want to look at a book rather than look at your phone this is a great option. I reach for it instead of my phone sometimes and learn fun facts about the world while I read it.
  9. Key’s.
  10. Fidget spinner (because I’m probably A.D.D. and can’t sit still during meetings).
  11. I don’t normally carry this in my purse but I did today, powder and a brush for makeup.
  12. Of course, I have a pocket in my purse with tampons, mascara, some lipsticks (mainly Revlon Color Stay because it’s amazing), a mini mirror, band-aids, earbuds and of course hair ties.

I know that’s a lot. Please don’t judge me. WHAT DO YOU KEEP IN YOUR PURSE? I’d love to know your tips and tricks for keeping your purse organized and essentials that you keep with you.

Thanks for reading!! Xoxo


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